Crashed Harddrive Recovery

We'll pick your drive up!

Data kept local in our secured clean room!

Free Diagnostics!

No Data ... No Charge!

  • First, before proceeding, if you suspect a failing drive, STOP all activity with it. Turn off the computer...pull the plug if you need to. Read more CRITICAL TIPS to avoid trashing your data...

  • All data recoveries are processed at our own private, secured lab facility which includes a Class 100 Clean Room environment.

  • By the time you finish reading this, somewhere another drive will have crashed.

  • There are several really good—and REALLY expensive—data recovery facilities located around the beautiful USA. But we are right here in East Texas, so avoid the hassle of dealing with an out-of-town corporation with rigid pricing by calling us.

  • Oh, and it’s AFFORDABLE! We have a great cost-cap feature. If we can get all your data in an hour you only pay for an hour. With our cap of 10 hours, even if it takes us 30 or 40 hours to get all your data (not uncommon), you only pay the cap amount! Others will charge you MUCH MORE!

  • Remember: No data recovered = no charge!

  • And, we pick up your bad drive. You don't even need to spend time standing in line at the post office! No one else does that!

  We Offer You the Following: | Others  
arrow Free Pickup and Delivery. YES maybe
arrow We have our own secure lab and Class 100 clean room. YES maybe
arrow FREE diagnostics to determine the cause of the problem. YES maybe
arrow EXPRESS service available for urgent situations. YES maybe
arrow Regular progress reports on your recovery via email, phone or web updates. YES maybe
arrow An affordable, flexible rate schedule. YES maybe
arrow Recovered data is kept on our encrypted server for 7 days after you get your data to ensure it is intact and functional. YES maybe
arrow FREE trial use of DataShield101 after a recovery project. YES maybe
arrow Data is kept locally... not across the country. YES maybe
arrow Repair corruption of Microsoft Office files, including Outlook PSTs and other important file formats like QuickBooks, databases, photos, and more. YES maybe
arrow No data recovered ... no charge! YES maybe
arrow Yes, we can recover laptop drives / micro-drives YES maybe
arrow Yes, we can recover photo memory cards YES maybe
arrow Yes, we can recover corrupted files YES maybe


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