It’s simple. All anyone really needs to do is backup the data! But it’s a hassle. Who has time? Nobody! That's why we all need DataShield101. It's automated, encrypted, fast, easy to use and reliable!

At Computing Strategies we provide what all businesses need: Advanced IT consulting, data recovery services, and a rock-solid data backup protection strategy.


Why Choose DataShield101?

  • Backing up important data is crucial. Yet, it often gets pushed aside by more urgent or enjoyable tasks.

  • Automated. Easily automate all your backups and receive email reports on your computer or mobile device. No more guessing—now you can be sure your data is actually being backed up.

  • High-level Encryption. All your data is protected by 448-bit encryption before it leaves your computer (much higher than standard banking transactions) and is never decrypted until it returns to your computer.

  • No Master Decryption Key. There is no master decryption key! That's right. Your data is fully encrypted on our servers and even though we have physical access to maintain them, we can't see or decrypt your data—under any circumstances. Other online data storage vendors have a master decryption key that can allow them to decrypt your data and view it. We have specifically configured our software to prevent this. Finally, a completely SAFE and SECURE online data backup solution!

  • Binary difference. This greatly enhances backup speed and efficiency. Only the actual differences in your data need to be transmitted. So imagine you have a 10MB Excel file and you change only one cell entry. Normally you would have to back up the entire 10MB again. With binary difference backups only the difference needs to be transmitted, not the entire file. In this example, less than 1KB is all that’s needed!

  • Automatic File Archiving. You can restore any file from any time or date it was backed up. Let's say you make daily changes to Word file and back it up every day for 30 days. You can restore one, several or all of those versions of your document. By default, the automatic file archiving is set to 30 days, but can be adjusted to any length of time that’s needed.

  • Only in the USA. All data, all servers and all staff reside in the good ol' USA. Your data never goes overseas—no exceptions. And we own our servers—no rented storage space.
  • Physical Security. All servers are located at undisclosed, secure, restricted locations.
    Physical access is VERY restricted.

  • Affordable. Anyone can afford this service. It’s perfect for the student on a tight budget, the home office and the business environment. Storage space from 100MB to more than 1TB is available to accommodate your needs.

  • System Requirements. Runs on Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


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