Advanced IT Consulting

Face it, technology won't stop changing and there will never be an end to upgrades and the need to implement newer systems and equipment. But technology is more than just installing an application..

Successful implementation requires the ability to understand HOW technologies are interrelated and work together. Even more importantly, you need experts with the ability to THINK through a process and its variables and instinctively know (based on real-world, demonstrated expertise) what the critical issues are. That is what we do EVERY day!
We provide the necessary insights for a business to succeed: Practical, real-world, demonstrated, hands-on expertise in the business IT environment.

When you have an important project or server-related issue, for example, you need consultants not repair technicians.
Our consultants know and understand how information technologies are connected from the ground up, AND have the ability to think through the entire process because of years of actual, real-world experience. Don't settle for "someone who works with computers" ... call a trained IT consultant for success!

Why Choose Us?

  • Tired of having different people come to your site who aren’t thoroughly familiar with your IT environment? With us, you have a dedicated IT consultant who learns your environment and is just like having an onsite IT pro.

  • We are NOT a large corporation (and we intend to keep it that way) that forces clients into rigid pricing plans. We provide excellent flexibility for all sizes of IT environments, along with the expertise and experience of large IT infrastructures.

  • We can provide helpful insight from the beginning stages of a network or server deployment to the very end.

  • We know networking and data security from both the inside and the outside. We can prepare a plan to help protect your critical data.

  • Planning a new installation or adding to your IT infrastructure? Let us explain the potential pitfalls and ensure a successful implementation.

  • Do you need a disaster recovery plan? That’s one of our specialties! We have our own dedicated harddrive recovery lab for those disasters AND we have DataShield101--our binary-difference, encrypted, offsite data backup protection software. You might assume that one backup method is all the protection you need. But with so many internal and external threats to your data, our real-world experience proves that a single backup method isn’t nearly enough. Let us show you why!

  • Thinking of a virtual machine environment, full or partial? We have actual implementations in place and can provide the information you need to determine if VM would be a good move for your business.

  • Fuel and energy costs keep rising, so remote access for your team members is becoming a bigger issue. It’s extremely important to properly set up your remote access to ensure solid security and optimum performance. Call us, we have plenty of experience!

  • Power outages and brownouts are becoming more common. Plan now for when the lights go yours don't!

  • Server and network optimization and troubleshooting. Find out what’s affecting your network and get it resolved!

  • Remember, if you want an actual IT consultant who understands technology and the business environment, we are your best first choice.

  • Own a small home office? It's time for a consultant to get you to the next level of implementing IT solutions. Just becaue you work in a home doesn't mean you should have home equipment!


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