About Us

Computing Strategies is a client-focused Information Technology (IT) consulting firm with extensive, real-world hands-on experience focusing on small businesses up to 250 employees. While many of our projects have been with global companies, we focus on services for the local businesses in the East Texas area with travel and tele-commute options for other locations.

We are attentive into helping the small business network run securely, reliably and with rock-solid performance with disaster recovery of systems of up-most consideration. We concentrate efforts on implementing the latest technologies to provide your office environment with improved ways of doing everyday business. On a daily basis, we are implementing Real Solutions for Real Problems.

We provide three essential technology related needs:

Advanced IT Consulting  
Data Recovery Services  
DataShield101 - off-site encrypted data backups with our customized backup software  

More About Us

  • Develop a Trusting & Respectful Client Relationship.

    By providing value-added consulting services, we personally achieve great satisfaction knowing that we have helped a client within an ever-changing and an ever-confusing industry. Our consultants actually care about lending a helping hand, wear smiles and provide an accurate solution for the problem at hand. We will make IT recommendations so that your systems are more reliable and less prone to intermittent issues like system hangs and connectivity issues.  Understanding technology is important, but we believe that developing a solid relationship based upon trust and integrity with a client is as important as providing excellence in IT solutions.

  • Highest Quality Products & Services.
    After careful analysis and plain communication with you, our proposed solutions are matched to your needs. This is achieved by:
    • Conscientious consultants looking out for your best interests.
    • Consultants taking the necessary time to understand your specific computing scenario and needs.
    • Offer the latest and best available options and explains how they relate to you.
    • You make the final decision.
    • Real Solutions for Real Problems.
      We spend the time researching, keeping up-to-date and actually working hands-on with the latest technologies on a daily basis to ensure that recommended solutions will suit your needs not only for today, but for tomorrow as well.  We provide the following IT services for you and your company.
    • Crashed Harddrive Recovery.
      We have the most advanced tools and software to recover crashed harddrives including memory keys and CD/DVD's. You don't have to send your drive across the country...keep it local and save money! We offer FREE diagnostics and even FREE client-site pickup and return (within the area). We also offer a MAX COST CAP on recoveries that will save a bundle compared to the others. If it crashed, call us first!

    • Network Infiltration Analysis.
      What security holes are really open on your network? We have a thorough network analysis test suite that astounds almost all clients on how open their networks really are to the outside world.

    • Secure Firewall Configurations.
      A firewall is a must, but having one incorrectly configured only provides a false sense of security. And most hardware firewalls aren’t designed to provide the additional layers of security that a proxy server can add to your network for a significant improvement in your network security.

    • Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions.
      It’s simple. Without data your company basically won’t function. And every day, more and more of your business processes move to the computer making them more and more critical to the success of your business. We provide rock-solid data backup to real-time backups to high-availability solutions.

    • Grayware and Antivirus Solutions.
      May we toot our own horn: Not one single client enrolled in our Service Level Agreement program has had a data destructive virus destroy a piece of data on their networks. Not a single one!

    • Network Design, Installation and Diagnostics.
      For new home or business construction we design, install, and verify new networks. For currently installed networks, we can find areas of the network that are functioning as intended.

    • Virtual Machine Solutions.
      Do you really need another box? Well, what if you could run two, three or more different server installs with their associated applications on a single server? You can. We do. They are.

    • DataShield101.
      This is our flagship product: an automated 448-bit encrypted, multi-location, secured offsite backup solution. Your data is encrypted with unbreakable, military-grade encryption, sent to a master data center which then synchronizes your encrypted data to other remote backup facilities. We can’t access your data in any scenario. Only you have the key to decrypt your data – we have designed it this way. Automated full backups with differential backups with binary-difference backup and compression capabilities make backups fast, automated, secure and safer than they are your place of business. Works well with high-speed or even dial-up internet connections.

    • Service Level Agreements are available.
      This has been a highly successful program in which we visit your site on a routine basis and perform checks on your network, servers, and other critical devices. We ensure that antivirus updates are being automatically deployed, and provide other important network maintenance items that typically are never done in a small business environment due to lack of an IT staff.  Security scans are performed and backups are verified. Basically, you have your own LAN Administrator for your very own network, no matter how large or small.

    • Did You Know…
    • We have been working with global companies having offices in 30+ countries for nearly 10 years.
    • We have deployed systems to over 12,000 desktops and laptops in 25+ countries
    • We have developed concise, clear, readable network documentation in excess of over 300 pages for large systems.
    • That in 5 years, none of our clients, participating in a Service Level Agreement package, have had a data destructive virus or worm destroy data on their networks.
    • That we help design, plan and implement rock solid business networks from the ground up including phone/data surge and power protection and disaster recovery services.
    • That we hold current industry standard certifications like Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Certified and Citrix/Terminal Server environment certifications. Plus, we have close vendor ties to help provide the latest and most innovative IT solutions: APC Reliability Partner, Citrix systems, Dell Solution Provider and of course, Microsoft.
    • We led a nationwide desktop migration project for a global company. We developed a laptop migration process for remote salesman that took typical downtime of 3+ days to 3 hours.
    • We were lead consultants in the implementation of a comprehensive North American imaging solution for 8,000+ laptop and desktop installations. We were able to slash the client's previous installation process from over 3 hours to about 20 minutes. The client estimated that $1 million is saved annually from this solution.
    • Initiated and developed a Technical Support Resource Center on a client's global intranet. Support teams from Level I to the Advanced teams as well as the application development teams now had the same up-to-date information available at their fingertips. This technical support knowledgebase replaced as many as 12 different, disconnected data storage applications, bringing them together in a single data location providing a single up-to-date solution for all teams.
    • Thank you for taking the time to read up on our company. We hope we have the opportunity to serve you and your company in the near future. Feel free to call us at 903-571-8848 if you have any questions or would like to know when we can provide assistance with your IT needs.


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