Possible Crashed Harddrive Tips!

  • Recovering data from a failing harddrive is OFTEN time a one-time event. If A drive is failing (for example, platter damage is occurring), continued use of the drive will permanently DESTROY some or all of your data. Stop using it immediately to prevent accidental damage. Just pull the plug on the computer or remove the battery on a laptop.

  • Avoid running any kind of disk utility including SCANDISK, CHKDSK, DEFRAG, or "repair" tools as these often will destroy data fragments that our tools know how to recognize and restore.


  • Even if a drive is making clunking sounds or clicks or thunks or nothing at all, we have the RIGHT TOOLS to bring it back to life and get that data.

  • Avoid having a local PC repair shop run any kind of disk tools on your drive or spend time attempting to recover your data as they may inadvertently and possibly ruin your chances for a successful recovery.

  • Just returned from a long weekend or vacation and your home PC doesn't turn on or blue screens at bootup? It could be because of drive temperature failure. Avoid attempting to work with the drive because it may have been physically altered internally due to typically being powered on and in a hot temperature state, and being off and cooling down for an extended period can crash it. We can recover it.

  • Avoid putting your drive in a freezer as condensation will destroy internal components and electronics.

  • Great, now we are in a great position to get that data back. Call us and we will come and pick up your drive and run a FREE DIAGNOSTIC!



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